Guerrilla Marketing – A (KLM) Social Media Experiment

social-media-billboardI am a big fan and follower of Guerrilla Marketing campaigns. It is one of the most creative, innovative and sometimes controversial ways to market. It’s on my bucket list to put at least one Guerrilla Marketing campaign to fruition.  KLM has been a force to be reckoned with in some of their campaigns, if you have not seen them let me start you off with their Guerrilla Marketing Campaign at Manchester airport

Recently I was watching the KLM social media experiment in which they would locate KLM passengers checked into their flights via their foursquare locations or those who left a message through Twitter. They then searched their social profiles, got to know them in a discreet manner and came up with a personalized gift. Finally, they would locate the passenger in the terminal and give them a surprise gift. Take a look, thoughts?

I think KLM is a great airline – a great company with excellent customer service. However, this marketing campaign gave me mixed emotions. It truly drove the point home that social media is easy access to our most personal information. A complete stranger within seconds can find out when you’re birthday is, what you had for dinner last night, your location and/or when you changed your relationship status to ‘it’s complicated’.

Yes you can argue that people need to be in control of their privacy and yes I agree to an extent. But how many times has someone ‘checked in’ with you into a bar , tagged you in a picture, posted a comment about you having dinner at Olive Garden? … And lets consider the ‘newbies’ – how many people know how to navigate through all those privacy settings let alone what they really mean?  It becomes overwhelming.

Now I am a big advocate for social media and what it can do for our social interactions and social connections. However, this social media experiment reminded me just how vulnerable we really are with our social media presence.


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An aspiring Marketeer .. Curiosity, creativity and ambition make for a clever combination. This blog is an eclectic blend of all three. I have a passion for marketing, social media, history, fashion, art, literature, traveling – the list goes on. I have a great respect for entrepreneurs and self-starters who are responsible for their own success; I aspire to do the same.
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6 Responses to Guerrilla Marketing – A (KLM) Social Media Experiment

  1. dongrgic says:

    This post and the video’s are great. It’s interesting how an experiment can turn out with such a great result. If you have any Guerrilla marketing suggestions.. I’m all ears.

  2. zacthraves says:

    This is so interesting and amazing at how simple it actually is. As far as I can see, judging from the first video, the marketing is subliminal, all it does is attract attention and then leaves the consumer to do the rest; the second one though is amazing, and practiced by so many people if you think about email newsletters that offer you free guides. This method can be broken down for so many products. What a great find. Good work Miss. Tilly. 🙂

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